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Ed Kanze Author and Adirondack Naturalist
Edward Kanze photography For more than thirty years, Ed has been photographing wildlife and wild places. He has worked from the open door of a helicopter in Florida, snorkeled a deep tropical lake in Australia to wrestle files snakes from the submerged roots of palm trees, camped on remote New Zealand islands under primitive conditions, and crawled on his belly through ice-water and mud, all to bring home the right image. Ed's images appear in numerous biology texts, magazines, and newspapers. Dembinsky Photo Associates (dpaphoto.com) of Owosso, Michigan serves as his stock agent. Ed also makes extensive use of his photos in lectures. He provided all the color and black-and-white nature and landscape photographs for his book The World of John Burroughs, originally published in 1993 by Harry Abrams, one of the world's foremost publishers of luxury art books, and later reprinted by Sierra Club Books and Random House in a 1999 paperback edition. If you've enjoyed seeing one of his photos and would like to acquire a print or use the print in a publication, contact him via e-mail at info@edwardkanze.com.

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Edward Kanze
Moose Hill Farm, Bloomingdale, NY 12913
518-891-3632  ·  Email: info@edwardkanze.com
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