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Ed Kanze Author and Adirondack Naturalist
Ed's current work includes several feature stories-in-progress for Adirondack Life magazine. The first to appear will be a May/June 2008 story about an exciting new endeavor called the Adirondack All-Taxa Biodiversity Inventory. He looks forward to the publication of his first novel, about Henry Hudson, in summer 2008, and in his rare bits of free time chips away at two book projects: the first a nonfiction book bringing together tales of his deep Adirondack roots on his mother's side with a contemporary account of how he and his wife, Debbie, came to make their home in the Adirondack Mountains after years of wandering the map; and the second an Adirondack mystery novel, set in the village of Long Lake and centering on a detective modeled after his grandfather, a longtime mayor and police chief of the Adirondack village of Northville. He also looks forward to another busy guiding season in 2008. Ed is grateful to the lodges and private clients who find use for his services, put food on his family's dinner table, and keep him in the woods throughout the year but especially during the magnificent, leafy-green, biologically explosive Adirondack summer.

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Edward Kanze
Moose Hill Farm, Bloomingdale, NY 12913
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